Sunday, March 8, 2009

Planting, planting, yeay!

An established African bulbine, a succulent, and a good grower in droughts.  No rain all year and look at this just one bloom of probably thirty or so in its cluster.  We've two in the backyard, so far winning against dog.
My son likes to help me prune - I took the opportunity while we were enjoying that gorgeous sunset the other night.  So did he...
I forgot what this ground cover is (above), but the two previous other groundcovers we put in a) drowned in the rain of 06; or b) dried up in the drought of 08.  Go little flowers!
Some kind of salvia - I liked the contrast of the society garlic just behind it.  
My big project last Saturday was purchasing and planting "climbing pinkie" and "lamarque" antique roses from Barton Springs Nursery.  They were recommended as good climbers and bloomers throughout the year.  
Dear ole Dad managed to fix trellises to our limestone siding (used anchors and screws).  Climb, babies, climb!


  1. Love the garden. Looking better every day (of spring). Thanks!

  2. I'm still intimidated by roses, so I look forward to your experience with your new ones.

    I think your ground cover flowers may be trailing lantana or a hybrid verbena, but I'm not sure.

    Also, your salvia looks similar to my "indigo spires" salvia.
    We spent all weekend in the yard, but I'm too pooped to post pics tonight!