Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Toast!

A friend gave me some winecups, these are called, at the start of Spring.  Each plant bursts out of one point in the ground, and spreads out above in beautiful symmetry, one stalk remaining overhead.  Just delightful.
 It's hard to capture the symmetry in a photo.  It's like a little burst of pink fireworks.

 And of course I have to raise a toast to our annual sunflower visitors.  Now at least 7 feet tall.

 The Mexican feather grass we put in in 2006, has reseeded and come back every year.  The more mature ones turn blond in late Spring.  With a breeze, they really go "Barbie."

 A little progress on the creek bed...I'm using some old pavers for now, to hold the sides in place, and help me see where I'm heading.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Testing the Creek & Catch-up on Spring Activity

Our Spring started out with buckets of rain.  It was a good chance to see if the run-off would flow the way I wanted it to down the creek I'm digging out.  Mostly it did.  It also went UP, overflowing the banks.

 A more recent photo of the Spring explosion of flowers.  This is a star jasmine vine I've been coaxing along for several years.  No help needed this year.  It smells awesome.

 We potted a poinsettia last Christmas to see what would happen.  All the red flowers dropped off, it stoically stuck out the cold snaps, and sprung back in the spring; and, voila, new red flowers (which I used to think were leaves).  My kids wondered why it would do that Easter?  It's always been a Christmas plant for us.  Nice to see it do what it does naturally.

 Here's some catch up on the front yard, where grass used to be. Hooray!! No more sprinklers!!

 I topped off the granite mulch around the perimeter, and added some winecups a neighbor gave me; put in a new century plant and a plumbago where we had lost our old ones; relocated some pale leaf yuccas, and copied my neighbors by adding some trailing (purple) lantana.  I just want to put in native plants I have witnessed survive through both tough summers and tough we'll see how these do.

 That space down by the road I'm proud of - did a lot of weeding around the bluebonnets coming up, so  by the peak of our Spring, I had mostly blackfoot daisies, a big sunflower plant, and plenty of bluebonnets.  See result in last photo of this post.

 The mountain laurel, like everyone's this year, just burst out in purple blooms (hard to see here I know).

This Mexican dagger plant (two actually) I had to capture in pictures - saw them on a dog walk.  This was back in March.  One had bloomed, one was on its way up.  Each plant was at least 5 feet tall.

 This photo was from a few weeks ago.  The Mexican feather grass seedlings have really filled out in the empty spaces since then, making parts of the perimeter beds sort of "wave."  What a great season Spring is in Austin!