Thursday, March 5, 2009

Passion in Lent

Spring abounds with surprise: the passion vine I put in a thin layer of old dirt, next to our driveway, has produced its first flower.  Check out Wikipedia's entry on Passion Vine for the meaning behind the name: all aspects of the flower have been associated with things relating to Jesus' suffering and death.

The bluebonnets by the road are also popping out now, among other things.
Thanks to one and all for your comments.  I'd like to email you personally, and I'm still learning how to do that on websites like East-Side-Patch.  Help!


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere. Pam sent me over to say hi and I am enjoying the look of warmth radiating over your garden in Austin while I sit surrounded by seemingly frozen tundra and many inches of snow. I am happy to see color somewhere!

  2. Thanks, Layanee - I visited your lovely website, but couldn't find out where you are located. 4 degrees low for the day cannot be anywhere in Texas right now :)

  3. What a gorgeous photo of a passion vine! There aren't enough flower profiles:)

  4. Thanks, Conscious Gardener - since I'm new to blogging, is this how I can best communicate with you? Or do you have an email address somewhere?

  5. Hi!
    ESP here.
    I was wondering if you ever managed to figure out how to comment over here at the ESP?
    Live journal is a little more "secure" than a lot of blogging sites (trust me to pick it!)
    Anyway wanted to say hi, and if you need help in the patch, let me know.
    I will suscribe to your blog and check in here.


  6. Hi, ESP - I've just tried to get a live journal account to no avail (assuming this is the way I can post on your site). It keeps asking me to answer the prove-you're-a-human" challenge; and when I do it gives me another (argg).

  7. Hi.
    Sorry I just saw your reply! I hope you are hanging in there in all this heat.

    Regarding commenting over here at the pach, try the 'anonymous' setting when it gives you commenting options, then just copy and paste your URL (your blog address) at the end of your message, then I will know who you are.
    I hope this works.