Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Springtime in the Fall

An iris thinks it's Easter.   And here are some updated pics of the dry creek bed I'm building.  It's sort of on hold while we wait for the city's approval to build a little second residence in the back yard.  Its plumbing may have to go right through where my creek is.

A Turk's Cap, above.  These grow like weeds here.  Best in part shade.  They hold up around a lot of child's play too.

We have a Hyacinth Bean vine growing up the side of our back porch.  Bright purple flowers that turn into dark purple bean pods.

 This Bougainvillea has kept going through the hot summer.  Incidentally, I don't water any of our plants, except for a drip now and then on our few trees.  So everything blooming here is going purely on what the little rain we get can provide.

Here's the whole front yard, below.  Black foot daisies are doing great, with the Mexican blue sage in foreground, big Muhlys in the background.

 The Pride of Barbados (tall orange-on right, above) is the tallest and fullest it's ever been.  Remember: hardly any rain this summer or fall!  Amazing.

 And of course there's the Autumn Sage, below.  Hooray for fall!

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  1. Wonderful post!

    Those turk's caps are indeed really hardy and almost weed like. They thrive in full shade as well!

    Really enjoyed your pictures, thanks!