Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall Joys

Here are some of the reasons I love our second Spring here in Austin.  Especially one that began, at least, with a lot of rain.
Esperanza (hope) or Yellow Bells - at last!
The giant Muhlys have never looked more spectacular
American Beautyberry - mockingbirds love these berries, and you can make jam from them.
Mexican blue sage - velvety soft and plentiful

I just couldn't believe how these things erupted in purple once fall hit

Yeay! My Yellow Bells or Esperanza finally bloomed and bloomed and continued to grow taller...
The star attraction, clearly, for me! 


  1. Looks stunning! So much great fall color and texture. I bet your neighbors are envious.

  2. Everything looks completely amazing! My plants want to be your plants when they grow up.

  3. Stunning! Such a lovely bunch of flowering beauties.Very nice flowers, thanks for sharing