Monday, May 11, 2009

Spock, don't sniff it

The sproinging agave celsii finally started blooming, and boy is it freaky and wonderful.  It reminds us of the old Star Trek episode where Spock takes a whiff of an alien blossom, and goes "mellow."  We haven't wanted to venture too close to this thing not knowing what was going to happen!

The blossoming finally started from the bottom (about 5 ft up the 10ft stalk) and it is working its sweet, slow way up to the top.  It's like watching green/yellow fireworks in very slow-motion.  

It also reminds me of a cell phone tower.


  1. Hi!
    "Its life Jim, but not as we know it"!
    I had an Agave attenuata bloom last year and propagated a ton of pups. Check out:

    Regards, ESP.

  2. That is a really amazing bloom. Don't believe I have seen one like that before. They just put their everything into it don't they.