Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Spring in Austin . . . with dog

A testimony to what even a small drop of rain can do for an Austin garden in a drought.  

Welcome to our back yard in mid-February.  
We lost most of the zoysia grass to a fungus last summer, 
so my anticipation is to see some recovery after lots of TLC following the diagnosis.
(We came to our senses way too late: "Why are there increasing amounts of yellow patches in our back yard?")
We also gained a dog last fall, so as another discovered blogger in Austin said, right now, it's "Garden by Dog," til I can get tips on gardening WITH dog.


  1. Yea Blog! (and yea dog!) ;^) I'm so impressed by your blog, as I have been with your yard. I look forward to more posts--especially tips for gardening with (in spite of?) dog!

  2. Did you realize that blog rhymes with dog?

  3. We have a big dog and we garden she is in the garden a lot. It can be done. You just have to get them trained about where they are allowed and where they aren't allowed. Then you have to teach them not to dig etc. It just takes time. Good luck.